Our Services Include

        Highest Quality Cabinet Painting and Cabinet Refinishing

        Expert Accent Walls, Door and Trim Enameling

        Master Interior Painting

        Craftsman Quality Exterior Work

        Door, Trim and Molding Installations

        Sheetrock Repairs and Texture

If you require an associated service that is not listed above, be assured that it likely falls under our specific areas of expertise. Space is simply too limited for us to list absolutely everything that we do. Please feel free to contact us regarding any service that you may require. 

Quality, Efficiency and Cleanliness
We take pride in executing the highest quality work attainable in a clean, efficient manner.

Walk-through Inspection

As our client’s satisfaction is our highest priority, a walk-through will be undertaken for your inspection to review all of the completed work.              
This inspection must be completed before we consider any job finalized.

APC/ Cabinets Plus+ was established in 1994, in Danville, by San Ramon Valley native Chuck Nelson. He has 30+ years of in-trade experience in virtually every aspect of high-end residential  finishes. 

As we employ both painters and carpenters that work at an efficient performance level, with an additional emphasis placed on cleanliness we are able to showcase our attention to detail that satisfies even the most discerning of clients..

Contact us now for a brief phone consultation, and  then schedule a follow up in-home evaluation and color consultation designed to meet your specific needs.
Remember, there is absolutely no need to sacrifice the highest quality work available to receive reasonable pricing.

Advanced Painting Concepts and Cabinets Plus+ are your best resource

for all of your Residential Painting and Trim Installation needs.

Reach us at: 925.914.0499

270 Ashley Circle Danville,,CA 94526        925.914.0499          adpainter24@gmail.com

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Advanced Painting Concepts 
and Cabinets Plus+

 Transforming Local Spaces Since 1994

" I know what my client's expectations are.
Specifically, to be treated with the honesty, respect and dignity that I would expect from any expert tradesman chosen by myself.
I will never leave a job without a completely satisfied customer."
Chuck Nelson, owner APC/ Cabinets Plus+

Advanced Painting Concepts and Cabinets Plus+

        270 Ashley Circle  Danville, CA  94526

     925.914.0499        adpainter24@gmail.com

Advanced Painting Concepts

and Cabinets Plus+

 the best resource for all of your Residential Painting

and Trim Installation requirements

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                   Established in Danville 1994